Application of Standardized California Building Codes and ADA compliance in Interior Design

The paper should include some quantitative measures such as mathematical equations with numbers and chart.

Equations used should be based on the topic covered in text book’s modules in additional sources in the attachment of this order.

Below is a more detail description about the topic:
For the research paper, it will consist of researches on America Disability Act (ADA) design standard and its relation to California Building Codes. The research will show why certain numbers are used to create a standardized design measurement. This will include a study maximum slope allowed for universal design ramp. It could also include some scaling exercise of different floor plans. As ADA design standard is only required in the United States and written in feet and inches units, it will create an opportunity for me to do some unit conversion to centimeters and meters to generalize it for international audience.

To tie the ADA design standard to the class course, I can also do a demographic background of the number of people with disabilities and elderly people who are most benefitted through this design standard.

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