Organizational Culture and Climate The Implication for Services

Historically, cultural and ethnic diversity was not a consideration in the practice of human services. Instead it was a “one size fits all” mentality. In other words, services were delivered the same way to all clients, despite their unique cultural and ethnic backgrounds. As human services organizations became more aware of the impact of culture and ethnicity on their ability to more effectively serve their clients, they recognized a need to tailor the delivery of human services. For example, human services professionals in health care should be aware of how culture might influence an individual’s beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors towards human services professionals and health, healing, and wellness. Being sensitive to a client’s beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors can aid in properly meeting a client’s needs.
As you prepare for this Application, consider how culture has influenced the practice of human services in general. Then, consider how two different cultures’/populations’ values or underlying beliefs might affect the services in your area of interest.

Analyze the historical influence of culture on the practice of human services.
Explain how culture influences the current practice of human services Criminal JusticeIn your explanation, include:
How the practice of human services in this area might differ in two communities in which the cultures/populations are significantly different
How the values or underlying beliefs of the two cultures/populations may contribute to the differences in services

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