Opioid addiction in northeast, & around USA

1. Prepare a literature review of your chosen topic. The literature should come from a minimum of four professional peer reviewed journals plus other sources such as books, government documents etc. The literature review will build the base of your research project. You will be required to write a narrative discussing your literature findings integrating the material with a critical analysis. [1120 words]
2. Select a theory or theories of your choice and apply it to your topic [370 words]
3.Next research what is currently in the mass media pertaining to your topic. This includes television shows, movies, news media-print and television, the slicks i.e. Time Newsweek, Cosmopolitan, teen magazine…. etc. Discuss how your topic is presented in the mass media and how does that depiction align with the academic and peer reviewed material you have gathered. [370 words]
4.What current local programs, agencies, legislation, and/or policy pertaining to your topic exist? [740 words] Discuss how locally your issue is being addressed currently.
5.What national and/or global programs, agencies, legislation, and /or policy pertaining to your topic exist? [740 words] Discuss how your topic is being addressed in areas outside of your local area, what is going on in other states or countries to address the topic you are researching.
6.What do you recommend for further action in regards to your topic? Use the theory you chose in section #2 as the support for your recommendation. This section of the paper needs to be well developed and in-depth. [740 words]
Total word count for the paper is 4,080 words. This word count total does not include the title page, appendixes, or bibliography/work cited pages. I am VERY strict on the word count expectation, so read each section description and adhere to the word requirement for each section.

#1. Opioid(percocet, oxycontin, herion) Addictions in Massachusetts and in the US
#2. Social Learning theory you can add another one if one does apply to addiction topic.
#3. Mass media topic can be from news station such as 7 news(boston, ncen) or any other website, magazine
#4,5,6 : self explanatory

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