Assume you work as a thermal engineer for a laptop manufacturing company. Your technical manager assigns you the task of placing a micro-fan (e.g., at the correct location inside the laptop to blow air through a air-cooled finned heat sink attached to an electronic component on the mother board. Submit a technical report to your manager discussing the positives and negatives, considering both the heat transfer physics and the practical aspects, of placing the fan (i) in front of the heat sink and (ii) above the heat sink. Remember that your manager is technically proficient and expects to see some equations (describing convective heat transfer rate over fins and pressure drop etc. for the two cases) backing your recommendation. Please tailor your report accordingly keeping in mind the evaluation rubrics that has been uploaded. The report must be 1-2 pages, have 1 inch margins on all sides and use a 12 point font.WRITE TWO DIFFERENT SEPARATED REPORTS THAT DOES NOT RELATE TO EACH OTHER , i am an international student so english is not my native language try to make everything simple, each report must be 1 pages, have 1 inch margins on all sides and use a 12 point font.

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