Operating and File System Forensics

An important aspect of digital forensics relates to the ability to detect and collect data specific to operating systems registries and filesystems and other components, including the hypervisor, in virtual environments.Technology Inc. is a multinational corporation that sells a variety of technology and communications equipment across the globe. Over the past decade Technology Inc. has also acquired shares in several large technology consulting services and manufacturers of technology equipment.Julie Nelson, the network administrator for Technology Inc., was visited by the company’s CFO, Ed Sampson. Ed, while preparing financial data for completion of the annual financial statements, discovered several folders of encrypted data on one of the finance departments virtual file servers. Because he has a particular duty, under penalty of federal law, to validate the accuracy of those financial statements, he is very concerned at the presence of these unexplained files located in an area of the server where very few employees are given access. He indicates to Julie that he has already interviewed the three other senior managers who have access to this asset, and they have all denied any knowledge of the content of these folders or of how they might have found their way onto his tightly restricted file server. Because you were so helpful to Sam Miller in unwinding the complaint about the Malaysian delivery driver, Ed has asked that you be brought in to investigate this latest mystery.discussion information, write a 23 page paper that outlines the plan for how you will determine the activity and contents surrounding these encrypted files.Engage in hands-on file system forensics techniques as part of a live systems investigation.Apply operating and network systems concepts, services, and protocols.Engage in hands-on analysis of hypervisor and registry information.Explore the impact of hidden data, including the concepts of cryptanalysis, rainbow tables, and steganography.APA formatting

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