Explain the specialisation of your current degree Explain the area of your research interest (be specific); why have you chosen this area?

Assignment 1 Template: Reflective report on research experience and interests Please note: You can use the numbered titles as sub-headings (1-4) in your paper, but not the dot points. The dot points include the guiding questions which need to be covered in each section, but not in a linear manner. The length of each of the sections (numbered 1, 2 and 3) is not necessarily equal. The length of section 3 most likely will be longer that the that of the others. However, the word count for each section might vary significantly from student to student, subject to your specific experiences, and the examples that you will use. A very approximate word count for each section is indicated below. Each section should provide a flow of a coherent sequence of paragraphs. The word limit of 1500 words includes the reference list. Template 1. Reflection on personal experiences with research (250 – 350 words, approximately only) Explain the context Provide a specific example Discuss how these experiences may have influenced you in everyday life, and/or your educational practices What did you learn from that experience and whether it informed the choice of the area of your interest (if yes – how) 2. Explanation and justification for the choice of the area of research interest (250 350 words, approximately only) How does it connect to your specialisation (if not why?) What are some specific problems that you might want to address? Are there any particular questions that you might want to ask? 3. Significance of the chosen area (800 1000 words, approximately only) Use the identified scholarly sources that relate to the area of your interest and describe how they can inform your future research. What are the problems that the authors addressed? Why are they important? What questions do they leave unanswered? Support your ideas with references to these sources 4. Reference list Use APA style in the text and in the reference list Include all the sources which you referred to in the text of your paper (eg the 3 sources that you identified and any other references you used in the text) Do not include any sources that you did not use in the text of your paper Use alphabetical order to list the references

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