Norfolk Southern Final

Norfolk Southern Final
A one-page summary memo and three page final memo
The first two items are included in the One-Page Summary Business Memo.

Company Background
Products and Market Positioning
As part of your discussion of these first two items, you should identify the six Cs (company, customers, category, consumers, competitors, and colleagues [senior management]) for the company. The remaining items are completed when working on the Final Business Memo. Students should also include the One-Page Summary Business Memo in the Final Business Memo. The One-Page Business Summary Memo should either be repeated or updated based on the class discussion.

Internal Analysis
External Analysis
SWOTs With Conclusions and Implications
Corporate-Level Strategy (Identify the SCA: Source of Competitive Advantage or Sustainable
Competitive Advantage)
Business-Level Strategy
Company Structure and Control
Stock Chart and Financial Metrics (This should include the last 3 years of data.)
Analyst Reports (Include two quotes from stock analysts.)

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