nformation strategy- case writing

Grocery Retail Industry- Tesco (2 cases on Tesco) , Sainsbury (2 cases) , Asda, Morrison
You are required to research and write up a compilation of short practical case scenarios drawn from sources such as journal articles, newspapers, and/or the internet which illustrate a range of information, systems, and supporting technologies relating to companies in grocery retail industry.
The cases should be around 500 words each and the total collection will not exceed 3000 words.
Each case should introduce a company using information drawn from a number of sources and provide a short analysis of how they relate to areas of module content. You will need to:
 Provide summaries in your own words which profile these real-world organisations followed by a brief discussion in each case of how your chosen organisation (or sector) relates to module themes in using information systems and/or digital technology to compete globally;
 Aim to illustrate your breadth of understanding of module content and how this might be illustrated by the real world examples you have chosen.

 There must be high quality of case summary and the provision of relevant discussion around how key information systems and/or technologies enable your these organisations in this sector to compete globally and/or use information systems and/or technologies strategically.
 Reference topics such as
-E -supply chain, information management and innovation
-E-Business Management, E- business strategies
-Knowledge management strategy and Business intelligence

 Use theories in the evaluation of information strategies chosen by your organisation / sector and the issues facing the global economy that go beyond mere description.
Topics to write on:
You must:
 Describe ICT solutions for information resource management within a networked global economy and debate their potential effectiveness.
 Present case findings outlining innovative approaches to information and knowledge management and leveraging intellectual capital in dynamic organisations.
 Critically reflect the case within wider literature.

Please see these textbooks
Dave Chaffey & Gareth White (2010) Business Information Management: Improving Performance Using Information Systems, Pearson Education Limited, Essex
Boddy, D., Boonstra, A., and Kennedy, G. (2008) Managing Information Systems: Strategy and Organisation, Pearson Education Limited, Essex
Jermy, S. (2011) Strategy for action: using force wisely in the 21st century London: Knightstone),

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