mycobacterium tuberculosis

The purpose of a public awareness campaign is to inform a general public audience about a topic or issue. Sometimes, public awareness campaigns are overtly persuasive; other times, public awareness campaigns simply aim to inform and enlighten. Keep in mind that media messages are fleeting. One compelling central message, clearly presented with a simple call to action, is the most effective way to get your point across.

PART 1.Goals for the assignment part:
1. Learn about a bacterial pathogen (both general and specific information.)
2. Determine what is most important for people to understand about the pathogen.
3. Communicate this essential information to the public in a meaningful and memorable way.
Begin by reading over your pathogen and making sure you understand the disease it causes.
Begin with the lecture notes and podcasts posted on Bb and/or a general source like Wikipedia or Once you have the basics, summarize your understanding on your assignment sheet (I WILL BE UPLOADING THE ASSIGNMENT SHEET)
Second, research the pathogen to find out more about it and the effect it has on the world.
Research the pathogen and/or disease to see if there are current outbreaks, new research findings, and new understanding of ways to prevent or treat the disease. Summarize the research in your own words from two primary sources on the assignment sheet. Include the citation of the source you used.MLA FORMAT
Begin to think about how you will design your poster by reflecting on what you think is important for people to know about the pathogen as well as who is most affected by the disease.
Next, complete the assignment sheet with your research and the plan for your poster.
Reflect on your research findings using the questions on assignment sheet. Give an explanation for the poster you will create and the expected impact you hope to see.• Design a digital poster to convey a message about the pathogen: The poster can be a simple call to action or a more detailed infographic. Use the poster to get the main point of the pathogen across to the public.
also See the following for more information:
• Public Awareness examples:
• Fair Use info and checklist:
• Citation generator:

The project will be graded using the following checklist:
Part 1 – 6 points
1. The assignment sheet contains a comprehensive overview of the information you learned about your pathogen and is supported by specific details from your research.
2. The assignment sheet contains a plan of how your research allowed you to design a poster with a specific message that raises awareness about the pathogen/disease.
Part 2 – 6 points
3. The poster presents a clear and accurate message that leaves a lasting impression on the viewer. All text is the original work of the group members and images are cited appropriately.
4. The poster incorporates innovative, creative, and original ideas.

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