Book: Public Administration:Concepts and Cases by;Richard Stillman

You will write at least a 600 word paper on this week’s case. A student brief is a short summary and analysis of the case (from the Stillman book) prepared for use in classroom discussion. Your brief should address these question clusters: (1) What is the relevance of the particular case under discussion? Why should students spend their time reading it? Why is this case significant? (2) What are the basic chronology of facts in the case. What is the basic sequence of events? (3) What are the key issues? What central problems and dilemmas for the field does it emphasize? (4) How does the case relate to the specific concept under review (in the chapter preceding the case). What answers, if any, does it provide to the precise theoretical questions being addressed? (5) Draw some general practical conclusions from the case. On the practical level, what implications and lessons for administrators, or would-be administrators, does it contain?

Stillman chapter #2 and Case #2 “How Kirsten Died”

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