Motor Sport Sponsoring (Formula 1 etc.)

TOPIC: How sponsoring in motor sport changed / developed over the last 40 years & how team as well as sponsor get the most out of it. (research proposal is attached)

I will soon be writing my thesis and need a
1. TABLE OF CONTENT relating my topic for the thesis. *I attached an example thesis from my uni(BA Maren Hassel pdf)
2. An interview question sheet relating my topic for the research.
3. slightly change the proposal

Things I need to do

1.use absolutely relevant research results that include theories / models from the business studies and related research in your Literature review and of course to answer your question / details of your interview questions !

2.RELATING the interview

It must then be described exactly which part of the question is to be answered with the way the interview partners were selected and under what conditions they were interviewed . If you lead guided interviews , please discuss in advance the guide with me and describe the work quite exactly which theoretical or logical basis based every single question .

3. relating the proposal

attached are two scientific sources to Sponsorship , because it is essential to scientific research , models , theories … recourse to provide a thorough basis for answering your research question . Both sources are older , so I would recommend as the next step for the literature search , starting from these sources in Google Scholar or ( better ) a scientific database ( Scopus , EBSCO … ) perform a forward search . (prutti 2004 and cornwell 1998)

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