Discussion of Results :
This is a major part of your report and will vary in scope, length and complexity according to the nature
of the investigation. Basically, the discussion evaluates the results, interprets them and investigates their
significance. It is the bridge that leads from the results, (tables, graphs, etc.) to the conclusions. The
statement of general conclusions and recommendations is reserved for the Conclusion and
Recommendation section.

Use tables and graphs to highlight significant results. If the results are not extensive, they may be
placed within the discussion text. All graphs and tables should be referred to in the text of the

The discussion should include:
1. Major inconsistencies.
2. Your interpretation of the tabular and graphical results.
3. Error sources and possible corrections.
4. Comparison of results with published values.
5. Equipment failures.
6. An accounting for unexpected results.
7. Comparison of test with standard tests.


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