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 A memo to employees


            The invention of internet as a mode of communication has increased at drastic rate. Earlier, internet was used as a communication tool among friends on social issues. However, this technology through use of emails has gained popularity among various organizations; and now is used as mode of communication with important stakeholders. Some organization has gone to an extending of using email communication to notify its employees of their layoff. This has raised many questions if this kind of communication is right and appropriate in notifying employees of such vital information that may have negative impact on their rest of lives.

Radioshack is one of the corporations that used email communications to notify its workers on termination of their employment contracts in its corporate downsizing initiative they undertook in 2006.  This method of communication its not suitable as it is dehumanization and has a potential of causing devastating effects on the affected employees. In this line, this memo endeavors to provide a more acceptable plan which the CEO of Radio Shack can use in notifying employees on their layoffs.

The CEO should use written and fully signed letters in informing its employees on their layoff. This is the most formal form of communication which demonstrates a sense of care and, professionalism.  When being recruited in the organization, all employees were given letters of appointment and they signed contracts that need to be respected.  Even though, communicating through email will avail information to them, they should also be respected and given a letter outlining the reasons for their layoff.

Letters are appropriate tools of communicating their layoffs as they demonstrate that the employee’s service was appreciated and even though the company no longer needs their contributions, they have assisted the company achieve some of its objectives at the time they have offered their services.

Using letters in communicating termination of employees in a way assists in portraying of company’s good image among the stakeholders and the employees. When the company reputation of sending away its employees is known to the public as ruthless, public tend to loss interest and it becomes difficult for the company to recruit more qualified staffs for the fear of being treated ruthlessly. Furthermore, the company tends to cut off its relationships with such employees who might be of important in the future operations of the company.

Letters are good form of communicating such information since they demonstrate that the company is engaging in such activities for their survival and not as a way of reaping super profits. Therefore, those employees that are laid off will be satisfied even though they are going to be retrenched. This therefore, helps in reducing the level of stress and the feeling of valueless. Most employees view communication through internet as informal and casual form of communication. Therefore, communicating to laid-off employees through email is a way of underrating them and viewing them as not valuable assets of the company.

Letters are good method of communicating with employees of their lay-offs as they help the employees to be psychologically prepared for the life ahead of them. It is a way of communication that helps them to accept the reality of the situation and recover from the shock quickly. Therefore, most of them will be able to vent quickly and get back to their usual lives when they are served with the letters as apposed to emails as they will continue pondering why the company used such form of communication.

Letters are formal and legal form of communication. Therefore, by the CEO of Radio Shack using them, he will be abiding by the legal requirements as most email communication are not seen to be legal. Employees may sue the company and, the company may incur huge costs while handling the case.

In conclusion, the CEO of Radio Shack should use letters as his form of communicating layoffs of its workers as it is the most formal way of communicating such information. Letters are concise and capture all the terms or issues leading to the termination, letters are recognized by law and provide full and clear information. By adapting to Letters, employees being retrenched will feel appreciated and will serve as a motivation to other employees remaining in the organization.

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