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You are a consulstant that has been hired by the Board of Directors of your assigned firm to evaluate management’s performance relative to appropriate benchmarks in a variety of areas. You have multiple deliverables over a three-month period. The culminating project is to provide a thorough DuPont analysis based on the last five years of performance.
Third Deliverable:
• Use the Benchmark competitor assigned below to evaluate the firm’s cash cycle and working capital policy. Be sure to include ALL of the requirements.

o Jabil – use Sanmina (SANM)
• Compare the cash cycle and other ratios identified in the required tables for the last five years.
• When discussing cash cycle think about the following:
o How does the company’s cash cycle compare to the competitor – what do you think is causing any differences you see?
o How has the company’s cash cycle changed in the last 5 years (or has it been consistent)? What do you think causes this?
o Provide one suggestion for how the company could shorten its cash cycle – make sure it is relevant to YOUR company.
o Provide the data in Table 1 – see the template in Deliverable Requirements.
?• When
terms of whether it is more flexible or more restrictive.
discussing working capital policy you need to consider both the current asset side and the current liability side in
o Compare the company’s investment in current assets relative to sales to the same ratios for the competitor. o Compare the company’s use of current liabilities relative to long-term debt and to total long-term financing. o Present a summary of results in Tables 2 and 3 – see the template in Deliverable Requirements.
o Discuss why you think the company may follow this type of policy.
• Use Mergent for all data (you still have to provide sources and citations) – you may use ratios calculated by Mergent when available.
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Deliverable Requirements:
• Professional, one page memo – I will not read beyond one page and it must be in the appropriate format, including headings and bullet points where relevant ( you need to include headings)
• You may use a template from Word but you will need to adjust paragraph spacing to reduce the amount of white space and to give you enough room to cover the required information on one page, make sure to single-space
• See Purdue Owl for general writing resources, including memo writing
• You MUST cite all of your sources correctly using APA guidelines – Purdue Owl also provides resources for APA – Your sources may be provided on the second page – review penalties under Academic Integrity policy for failure to provide all required citations
• You will be evaluated on tone and writing for the audience (Board of Directors) – Purdue Owl discusses this as well. Make sure that the memo does not sound like you are answering a series of questions. Remember that you are writing to accomplished business executives – you don’t need to explain theory.
• Use the following Tables to summarize your information. You may want to look at the table styles and choose something that looks more professional once you have created the table. (Note that FY stands for fiscal year). You may need to adjust table sizes to better fit the space.


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