Business Plan

n the “additional materials” I will be uploading the paper of the business that you will be writing the paper on.

Task Description: Use material in the text and Week 7 course material to complete this section of the Plan. This final section of your Business Plan should demonstrate how the company will achieve profitability or meet management’s goals and objectives defined in Section V.

-Revenue projections should be a logical outcome of the number of customers (defined in Sections IV) and the number of product sales at the average price (described in Section IV) during a particular time frame.

-Cost of goods and other expenses required to manage the business (from Sections V and VI) are defined in a Projected Profit and Loss Statement that should be provided in this section of the plan. Identify start-up costs and distinguish from recurring/ongoing costs. What is the source of funds to start your business? How long before it is likely to be profitable?

-Use the Pro-Forma Financial Statement template to show quarterly projections for the first year of operations. Place one-time start-up expenses in the first quarter. It is reasonable to see losses in early quarters until business gets established. Explain all assumptions!
Pro-Forma Financial Statement

Write two to three pages identifying your assumptions and explaining how the financial projections tie back to previous section decisions.

This section should include no fewer than three reputable sources, properly citing research, using APA formatting, in support of the decisions outlined in this section.

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