Manage project

Assessment description

The candidate must identify the names of the project managementsoftware investigated, benefits of using this particular software and anydown-sides to using this software. Candidates are to provide a 5 minute presentation to the class,outlining their findings.

1.Conduct an internet search to find two or three different project management software products.
2.Identify the advantages of using each product, for various elements of a project.
3.Identify any disadvantages of using each product.
4.Compare and contrast the products examined, making a recommendation of a particular product, if appropriate.
5.Present findings as a presentation to the class, using appropriate ICT where available.


The project deliverables must include:

Ÿ Evidence of project management software research undertaken.

Ÿ Demonstrated understanding of requirements of project management software features.

Ÿ Presentation of findings.

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