Foreign Direct investment

Your company is considering opening a new factory in Latin America and management is evaluating the specific country locations for this direct investment. The pool of candidate countries has been narrowed down to Brazil, Chile and Mexico. Prepare a short report comparing the foreign direct investment (FDI) climate and regulations of these three countries, using the current Country Commercial Guides prepared by the U.S. Department of Commerce.
Assessment Criteria
The coursework will be marked on the overall outcome including: structure, quality of reasoning, quality of written English, data analysis, referencing, style, layout, presentation and overall coherence.
Layout and Presentation Guidelines
• Word limit: 1500.
• Font size: 11 or 12.
• Line spacing: 1.5 lines.
• The cover page includes the following information: title of assignment, your name, module title, word count, lecturer’ s name and submission date.
• Your main text should be divided into sections to help reader.
• Number the pages.

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