Love Between Equals

The Assignment: You will write a 4 page paper based on the book "Love Between Equals" by Pepper Schwartz. Your paper should answer each of the following questions:

1. Explain the difference between equality and equity using child rearing and household chores to illustrate each. Make sure to show the pitfalls and strengths of each choice.

2. What are the routes to peer marriage for women? For men? What might be gender differences in why men and women choose or lose peer marriage? What do YOU think are the most attractive parts of peer marriage– and why?

3. What are the elements of friendship that help create positive experiences with a partner in a peer marriage? What are the elements of friendship that might create pitfalls for partners in a peer marriage? Identify and explain both.

Source: "Love Between Equals" by Pepper Schwartz

Note: For those 3 questions above, there are lots of answers in the book. You don’t have to write all those answers but choose 2~3 (at least) for each question OR you can write more than 2~3 if you can put those into 4 pages.
For question #2, you can write your own thought about the most attractive parts of peer marriage and its reasons.

Please send this essay by 12/5 in the morning or before (if possible).

Please contact me if you have any questions.
Thank you.

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