Italian tax mores

1) Written Paper
on case study from “Donaldson & Werhane, Ethical Issues in Business, 8th ed., New Jersey: Pearson, 2008” Chapter 2 Italian tax mores
a) 2-3 page, typed, double-spaced paper. MLA format. The paper should have four parts:
i) One paragraph summary of the case.

ii) What is/are the key ethical issue(s)/problem(s)?
1) Who is benefitting from the situation?
2) Who is being harmed?
3) What rights are being upheld?
4) What rights are being denied?

iii) Propose at least two ethical solutions, present arguments in support of both, and then propose why one is ultimately the best.
1) Identify the ethical philosophies on which the moral standards are based, referring specifically to philosophers and article authors and how they apply.

iv) Given your solution, how will stakeholders be affected? How will the firm be impacted by the questions below:
1) What will the economic outcomes for the firm be?
2) What are the legal requirements of the firm?
3) What ethical duties apply to the firm?
b) Format:
i) Follow the outline above. No need for opening paragraph, body, and closing 
paragraph. Follow the outline above exactly.
ii) No cover page
iii) 4-line single-spaced header in top left corner: name, Business Ethics, Case Study “Italian tax mores”,Date
iv) Bold & centered title
v) Double-spaced body
vi) 2-3 pages
vii) 1-inch margins, Times New Roman, 12 point font
viii) Spell-checked
ix) Parenthetical citations when quoting or drawing from specific articles, noting author 
and page number, e.g. (Gustafson, p. 80)

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