Legal structure of companies according to egypt and the egyptian law

I need a basic paper to describe the legal entity of the companies in egypt ” forms of business structures in egypt” for both local formed or foreign investment or mixture in addition to free zone and to describe all the info related especially the 1- regulations to the formation of these companies 2- guarantees and incentives 3- obligations and penalties incase of scenarios.I need the paper to be structured as points underneath each .

Also as another point . The Capital sturcture ” the authorized , issued and paid in capital ” define all and what do they illustrate about the company in forms of size and expansions also this need to be in point forms. And the type of capital as common stock or preferred stock etc ALL ACCORDING TO EGYPTIAN LAW

1- all info to be on egypt and on egyptian law 159 mainly and any other to be found

2- to be in divided like write on each type of company solely and point form and basic not complicated

3- i attached a photo with types of business entities to be described in addition to any other types

4- kindly give a quick introduction of the business entities in egypt and overview on the 159 law in egypt

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