Design Project:Write a 500-600 word paper on your design process if you were to design Angels in America Include word count at the bottom of the page If there is no word count you will be deducted significantly! “Design” one scene –costume or scenic What is the concept of the show? How does your concept aid the production? What type of scenery or costumes would you include? Make sure to include the functions of design in your paper. What colors would you use? Justify your choices Design Project Design Costumes or a Set for one scene in Angels in America Set design must include a ground plan (Top View) and color rendering/model of the set Must include all furniture and levels Must indicate clear concept of show Include entrances and exits Costume design must include costumes of 3 characters Rendered by hand or collaged Do not print a complete outfit and turn it in. All choices must be clear! Label each character from what scene Each design must fit a 8.5”x 11” piece of paper

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