Leadership Strategy of Coca-Cola Company Limited


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Leadership Strategy of Coca-Cola Company Limited

The Coca-Cola Company has been under the leadership of Kent Muhtar, as its Chairman and CEO since April 23, 2009. In an interview with James Turley (Ernst & Young, Chairman and CEO), Kent revealed that it is the global leadership strategy that makes Coca-Cola outstanding. As a CEO, Kent is well versed with current international affairs, and he considers this as a requirement for any global leader. Having broad knowledge of his company’s market out of the US, the people and their culture too, Kent uses a global filter to make company decisions. Cross-cultural understanding and critical thinking are vital components of global leadership strategy, as decisions made will be functional in different countries (“Ern &Young” Web).

The Coca-Cola Company is composed of a strong, international, diverse, and highly competitive management team. They realize the whole is more essential than individual components. Different programs to boost cross-cultural skills have been put in place. Occasionally, employees are posted to countries not of their origin, on special assignments. This is meant to realize their vision 2020 of sustainable diversity across the Coca-Cola market (Rowe and Riaz 6). Mentoring and coaching programs for employees of Coca-Cola Company are conducted. Coaching happens between the employees and the bosses and is quite informal, as compared to mentoring which is a one-on-one relationship between two employees in distant companies. These programs have been linked to business goals and have contributed to the high performance of Coca-Cola Company (Veale 2-5).

In conclusion, Coca-Cola’s global leadership strategy has proved to be effective. Being an international company, this is the best leadership strategy fit for its operations. The preferences of all customers in different countries and cultures are put in consideration, and so boosting market goals. This strategy is considered to be instrumental in the company’s sustainable growth and realization of the set vision 2020.




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