Perkins Has a New Version – A Review


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Perkins Has a New Version – A Review

This newspaper article was written by Ira Kantor and published on Monday, 15th 2012, in Boston Herald Business Today. The author highlights changes to be adopted by Perkins, a school for the blind and visually impaired. These changes are primarily technological, and are aimed at improving education for blind students, and making learning and teaching an easy and enjoyable experience. In my opinion, this is a great move as these academic and technological offerings give an opportunity to the visually impaired individuals to realize their potential, a rare thing that most schools of this kind should also embrace.

The unveiling of the new SMART Braille is a technological change that will make typing easier for the students as it has incorporated a computer with audio/visual output. The blind will now listen to letters as they type out. This device works in different languages such as English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian. This is a great milestone reached by Parkins. With this device, Perkins can now accommodate more international students and enable learning in different languages. This will also allow for flexibility in the teaching as teachers who had never worked with the blind can now teach them without having to learn Braille. The change of name, the launch of Perkins Perspective Magazine, Perkins Library, Perkins Products, Perkins International, and Perkins Library, will make Perkins stand out internationally.

In conclusion, Parkins’ goal is to increase education opportunities for the blind worldwide. With such initiatives, it is more likely that this goal will be realized. I feel that more learning institutions should follow in the steps of Perkins so that more education opportunities are availed to the blind and visually impaired individuals worldwide.


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