Leadership Self-Assessment

The Leadership Self-Assessment is a four part assignment. You are welcome to use Part 1, Part 2, etc. as headings in your work. Do answer in narrative and not bulleted lists or incomplete sentences (with some exceptions for SMART goals/objectives). Be sure and use APA citations if you bring in material from another source.

Part 1: Leadership Interest. Describe your interest in leadership right now and where you wish to be. Are you a leader or do you wish to become one? Is this independent or dependent on being in a traditional leadership position (such as a manager)? Are you not interested in leadership and wish to be a follower? Keep in mind that leaders and followers often need the same skills and even though being a follower is a fine option; participate in the rest of the project with the intent to develop your leadership skills.

Part 2: Take the “Your Leadership Style” Assessment in the Lussier and Achua text. Go to the textbook in “Reading and Assignments” under Week 2’s Chapter 3: Leadership Behavior and Motivation. The quiz is on page 6 of 56 and entitled “Self-Assessment Exercise 3-1: Your Leadership Style”. The instructions for scoring the quiz are on page 8. What were your results? Do you think you have a good balance between task leadership and people leadership? Where would you like to be?

Part 3: SMART goals. Look back to your leadership goals in Part 1 of the project. How will you reach them? Create SMART* goals to show a road map on how you will get from there to here. You may want to review Lussier and Achua’s Model 3-1: Writing Effective Objectives Model (Module 2 of B6027: Chapter 3: Leadership Behavior and Motivation, p. 36)

*SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely.

Part 4: Mock interview. Pick any two of the following six interview questions and write a short answer response on any TWO of them. Your answers should not be geared to someone WITHOUT academic knowledge of the topic of leadership.

Describe your top three leadership skills.
Tell me about the best leader you have worked for. What made him or her successful?
Tell me about a time you had to take on an unexpected leadership role.
Describe your leadership style.
What is your biggest weakness as a leader?
What leadership trait would you like to develop and how do you plan on making strides in that direction this year?

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