Lead Team Effectiveness

Project 1

  • Your manager has come to you to ask for assistance. Productivity levels of the team you supervise have been consistently dropping over the last three or four weeks. Your manager asks you to find out what the problem/s is/ are and to make suggestions on how it/ they can be solved.

    What documents could you refer to in order to revisit the team purpose, roles, responsibilities, goals, plans and objectives?

    What procedures would you use to investigate and identify the problem/s and find solutions to them?

    How might the following issues be affecting productivity:

    • delegation and work allocation
    • group dynamics
    • leadership styles
    • motivation

    How would you provide this performance feedback to your team and how would you keep them informed of the discussions you are having with management?

    How important is what you say and do in relation to your work output in this process?

    How would you communicate these issues and the recommended solutions back to your manager?

    What follow-up action can you envisage taking?

    (1,500–2,000 words)

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