Chile’s Transition to Democracy

1. Intro with an overview of your argument, your thesis, and your definition of democracy

2. Paragraph or two describing how your country was not a democracy then did qualify as a democracy after the transition you discuss in your paper (basically laying the foundation that this was a transition from a non-democracy to a democracy)

3. 2-4 paragraphs arguing why your country democratized

4. 2-4 paragraphs analyzing the threats your country’s democracy, including a prediction about whether country will continue to democratize or backslide

5. Briefly address a counter argument about the prediction

6. Conclusion

Style: The paper should have footnotes or endnotes. If you are in doubt about whether a citation
should be given for a particular statement, err on the side of using the footnote. Remember,
anytime that you quote, paraphrase or use data from a source, the source must be cited. The paper
should also have a bibliography. If you do not know the proper form for footnotes, endnotes,
and/or bibliography entries, consult a stylebook, such as the Chicago Manual of Style. Proper
spelling and grammar is important. Numerous errors indicate to me that you do not care enough
about this assignment to produce a quality product.
Sources: The paper should use at least three “academic” sources. By academic sources, I mean

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