Late adulthood

Article Review: Direction

The article must contain original research.  You will know you have the correct type of article if you find individual sections for research design, findings or results, and discussion or conclusion. The article will come from a scholarly peer reviewed journal source.  Because this class is scientific inquiry of human development, and students should look for articles from psychology journal sources primarily (nursing and education are also acceptable).

Assignment Description:

  • Locate article from source such as PsychInfo/Ebsco Host (Within 5 years)
  • Write a minimum of two pages in your double spaced 12 font summary of the research article.  Please include the following sections:
    1. Purpose (include hypothesis)
    2. Method and Results
    3. Conclusion
    4. Relevance to PSY 240 (include what you learned): Text book

Berk, E. Laura. (2010). Development through the lifespan (5th edition). Boston: Allyn & Bacon

Note: The review should include a reference line in APA format.



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