research paper about the artest life, EVERYTHING I meantion it on paper instruction

You may do two papers on artist’s not previously focused on at length in class or chosen for your final topic. Give in a coherent form the following:

___ details of the artists life (childhood into adulthood)
___ content & key concepts of their work, etc.
___ influence on the direction of art during their lifetime, if relevant

Each paper needs to be a minimum of 3 pages, typed, double-spaced in 12pt New Times Roman. Make sure that your name and class section are on the top of the paper and a bibliography (minimum of 3 resources) is on a separate page at the end. The majority of the paper must be written in your own words. You may not take the entire (or majority of the) content of your paper directly from one or more websites even if you properly cite it. If you do so, you will not receive any credit for the paper. If you are caught plagiarizing in any way, you will be turned into the Dean of Students and appropriate action will be taken.

You can do up to 2 extra credit papers, which will be applied to your final grade. Each extra credit paper is worth up to 5%. If any of these requirements are not met, points will be deducted. You may choose from the list provided below or you may choose any artist not covered in a video or detailed lecture

Francisco Goya (painter)
George Catlin (painter)
Edouard Manet (painter)
Edgar Degas (painter)
Mary Cassatt (painter)
Paul Cezanne (painter)
Auguste Rodin (sculptor)
Constantin Brancusi (sculptor)
Edvard Munch (painter)
Paul Klee (painter)
Frank Llyod Wright (architect)
Piet Mondrian (painter)
Salvador Dali (painter)
Winslow Homer (painter)
Robert Henri (painter)
Mark Rothko (painter)
Robert Rauschenburg (painter)
David Smith (sculptor)
George Segal (sculptor)
Jean Tinguely (sculptor)
Eva Hesse (painter/sculptor)
Michael Graves (architect)
Diane Arbus (photographer)
Ana Mendiata (sculptor)
Joseph Beuys (performance)
John Cage (performance)
Keith Haring (painter)
Cindy Sherman (performance)
Antony Gormley (sculptor)
Richard Serra (sculptor)
Ann Hamilton (performance)
Maya Ying Lin (architect)
Peter Voulkos (ceramics)
Beverly Pepper (sculptor)
Martin Puryear (sculptor)
Nam Jun Paik (video/sculptor)
Richard Hunt (sculptor

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