Jenny A1

Question 1 Incomplete Records

All workings supporting the reports are required using reconstruction of appropriate ledger accounts.

The brief report is to be a maximum of 200 words.
Students must write very concisely.
Students must refer to significant items in each of the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow.
The brief report must be based on the information calculated in part (a).
No references are necessary.
A WORD count must be provided.

Question 2 Non Current Assets.

The appropriate paragraph references from the Accounting standards must be used and explained to support the workings for each journal, each balance sheet section and each theory question.
The lecture cannot be used as a reference. If additional references are used these must be acknowledged with appropriate page numbers. References cannot be quoted only. References must be explained.
There is NO word count for Question 2

Question 3 Theory on the Sources of Finance for a Company (Debt Versus Equity)

Students need to write a basic report to answer question 3. This includes an introduction, body, conclusion and references list. The basic report does not require an abstract or table of contents.

Referencing is required using the format in the Unit Outline section for the prescribed texts and reading list. See the Unit Outline in Moodle and refer to page 9. References cannot be quoted only. References must be explained.

The lecture cannot be used as a reference.

¼ of the marks for question 3 are allocated for referencing (10 marks out of 40 marks).
Your reference list should only include sources that you have actually referenced in the report. Page numbers of references used are required. The AASB Framework and the textbook are essential references. Other relevant references in addition to the reading list in the Unit Outline page 9 will be accepted if relevant sources.

The report should be no more than 500 words in length. 4 marks will be deducted if it exceeds 500 words.
A WORD count must be provided.

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