FOMC committee

Assignment 4 instructions
If you were serving on the FOMC committee, how would you vote on Mar 18-19 meeting?
Reading: Please go to the Fed’s website:
to locate the latest released minutes (released on Feb 19, 2014) of the FOMC Jan 28-29 meeting.
Please read the minutes and the script, and answer the following questions with your own words.
1. Please read the minutes of the Jan 28-29 meeting. What did the committee members comment on current economy: a. price stability (i.e., inflation level); b. employment rate; c. economic growth rate? What is the members’ review on the financial situation: a. key interest rates such as federal funds rate, long-term interest rate, Treasury bond yield; b. monetary aggregate such as monetary base, M2?
2. What actions does the Fed plan to take till their next meeting? For example, will the Fed tighten or loosen monetary policy? What open market operations will the Fed use? Will the Fed change the target federal funds rate? Please be specific.
3. What is the committee members’ current assessment of any risk that our economy or the financial system is facing? Read the economy outlook section and report the potential risk, if any, that our economy may face in the near future.

4. Please incorporate your own assessment and the FOMC’s assessment on current economy and financial situation and what we have learned in our in-class discussion when you answer the following questions: what kind of committee policy action should the FOMC take in their next meeting (Mar 18-19). If the FOMC were to continue the current action, would you vote YES or NO? Please explain your vote and reason in details.



5. conduct thorough investigation of the topic and provide solid analysis in your report, you may earn bonus points up.

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