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Your argument should be a sincere attempt to persuade those who disagree or who are undecided to take your position. Be sure that your argument has a strong thesis and is well organized.
Make effective use of the rhetorical appeals we have been studying this semester:
Logos: Make sure your arguments are logically sound. Point out the logical fallacies, if any, used by the opposition.
Ethos: Carefully manage your Ethos by your tone and by demonstrating the knowledge you have acquired via laborious research. Back your assertions with research and documentation. Use the credibility of experts by integrating their work into your argument.
Pathos: Appeal to the values held by your audience.
Although, I want you to have these rhetorical elements, this is the not usually the best way to organize the paper. Also, engage the opposition and participate in the larger conversation surrounding the issue by using techniques like counter arguments and concessions. Your argument should be in MLA format (not counting your works cited page of course).

The grade scale for this paper will be as follows:
Introduction-5 points
Conclusion-5 points
Organization-10 points (Two of the effective organizational structures we looked in class were the traditional thesis and the delayed thesis)
Effective use of the Rhetorical Appeals-15 points
Argument speaks to the larger debate or context (use of counter argument/concession/history of debate)-10 points
Argument effectively integrates sources (includes proper MLA citation)-5 points

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