Capital Punishment

A proper MLA-style heading with no extra spacing and with an original title.

-An opening statement that succinctly states the audience and genre of the argument you’re planning.

-The opening paragraph as a whole will elaborate on the rhetorical situation.

-Body paragraphs that describe the choices in appeals you make. For example, you might write one or several paragraphs describing your decision to include on logos, the effect of this on your specific audience, and the ways you will achieve that appeal. These body paragraphs should both explain your plan and rhetorically analyze your plan.

-A paragraph reflecting on the ways this planned argument builds on the skills you’ve learned in the course. Do you feel that you are more able to persuade than you were at the beginning of the semester? Are there skills you did not acquire, but wish you had? How does thinking about the rhetorical situation change your understanding of a piece of rhetoric? Use these paragraphs to conclude the paper.

-One-inch margins, and no added space between paragraphs

-12 point “standard” font

-4 pages total

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