Introduction to Asian American Studies

1.interview a friend or family member about their social identities and he relative importance of each.Focus specifically on racial identity and two other social identities when discussing the ways in which these identities are viewed positively or negatively by society.
2.combining these results with those from your own worksheet and those of your classmates,discuss any patterns you’ve noticed or interesting observation you have made?For example,what factors seem to make some identities more salient(most noticeable or important)than others?what factors seem to make a certain category group membership irrelevant or unimportant?
[some examples—does living on campus make the student identity more salient?dose occupying a "disadvantaged" or"less advantaged"status make one’s identity more or less salient? does one’s situation(like being in an ethnic studies class make one’s racial identity)more salient?] do your findings relate to Mia Tuan’s study of racial/ethnic identity among third and higher generation Asian Americans?
a.Is racial and/or ethnic identity important to her respondents?Are there any respondents for whom race is not a principal component of their identity?In what contexts is their race or ethnicity more or less salient?
b.How is this similar to or different from what you observed among your classmates and friends/family?
4.what, if anything,did you learn from this exercise and from reading Tuan’s book?

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