ashtanga yoga

i will give a a few short readings and articles and please write a response/critique on each reading/article. Please be thorough and descriptive. No need for over the top vocabulary. Basic vocab is okay to be thorough and get to the point. Express how the article makes you feel, what you get out of it and how it all relates to the PRACTICE OF YOGA. It is very important to relate everything to YOGA because this is for an URBAN YOGA class.

before each article/reading, write the title on top

here is the link to article 1, Knowing the elephant. please write 2-3 paragraphs on this:

article 2, please write 2-3 paragraphs on this

3) for the last article, i will upload 3 files, write the remaining page- page and a half on the following:

please read Bryant’s essay, "The Subject Matter of the Yoga Sutras" closely. Sutras 1-4 are for comparison (between Bryant’s and Satchitananda’s translations) and contrast. In Bryant’s essay, please don’t worry too much about the details of the tattvas or the other details of the Samkhya philosophy––there are some different ways that this can be broken down in any case. The main thing is the distinction between Prakriti and Purusha: try to think about this, when you read it, in terms of your own experience. Can this proposition be ‘proven’ or verified? How? Please also read the final section, on the eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga, closely.

there may be NO extension. Thank you

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