International affairs

Anything that concerns international affairs, trending political issues, political economy, etc.
First – Topic can be anything, preferably something political and universally appealing to an extent (war, environment, intl economy, etc.)

This paper focuses on two genres the topic chosen will be presented in, “genres” meaning powerpoint slides, prezi, charts, graphs, diagrams, etc. depending on the targeted audience. The topic and the target audience depend on the writer, so they can be anything.

Also, it is a 2-3 page (no more) introductory argument. The main focus of the essay are a strong thesis (takes a stand/position), topic sentences in each paragraph, evidence, and what the whole essay should talk about – why the two chosen “genres” are effective ways to present the topic (why is chart/diagram best teaching method of this topic?)

Basically, the assignment requires that the writer chooses a topic interesting enough to TEACH, and WHY.

NO GRAPHS/CHARTS/PP required in the essay

Example – If I was explaining the situation in Syria and the target audience is congress, charts/graphs/diagrams would be used rather than powerpoint slides – which would be more suitable for an audience in a classroom or business seminar etc.

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