Implementation of innovative costing system to improve transparency and accountability in NHS

The purpose of making this order is to improve the assign dissertation; The sections that I need to be improve, must be more Logic, Academic, and connected to the whole work.
***Please follow my order details:
• The writer needs to check in the dissertation, if the PLICS were really introduced in 1950’s, and he needs to provide some evidences if that information is really accurate, because this information is not correct after been check by my teacher. Moreover, the writer needs to make sure that the new added parts are well connecting in the dissertation.
• The writer needs to add 2 to 3 NEW references to the “Academic literatures and readings section” in the literature review chapter on the assign dissertation. The NEW Academic literatures and readings must be about NHS costing system, and Academics points of view.
• The writer needs to CONNECT, and LINK the NEW Literature Review to the Findings and the Discussions. And that is the purpose of the academic dissertation.
• Writer must know that the data that been use in the dissertation is a secondary data, so no need for primary data to be use in dissertation.
• The writer need to but all the words that he adds and the parts that he corrects in RED FONT so I can see it and evaluate it.
• After the writer is finish from correcting paper and improve it, he need to read the dissertation from the first page until the end to make sure that everything is well connect. Especially with the in citied and references sentences in the dissertation
• The writer need to use only academic literatures and readings
• The References is not including to the word count
• The table of the contact need to be updated after the changes been made
• Please include Appendices “if it is needed” in the dissertation


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