Human Evolution

Use the text, the lecture, the films and the assigned articles/link to contemplate human origins. Over the last century information from the fossil record of early humans (hominids) has drastically increased allowing us to gain a better view of the ancestral species that gave rise to our own. Molecular studies have allowed an intricate comparison with other species (in particular other primate species) as well as an understanding of how early humans migrated across the world (through mitochondrial DNA studies).

In this forum I would like you to reflect on the information in the assigned articles and films to form an understanding of human evolution. With the help of the evidence provided in these sources I would like you to describe how the human species is connected to the great apes (How are we similar? How are we different? Why is that?), and explain the lineage/s of hominids leading to the present. If any particular article or film contain topics or information that triggers your interest you are welcome to expand on that as well. Make sure to do an original posting early in the week (Thursday for maximum points) and then respond to other students throughout the week. Early original postings are important as the provide a framework for discussion within the class.
material u can use :

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