VTS questions

How to Write a Reading Response In other words address VTS questions…
1. Identify and Describe What’s going on in this passage?
2. Analyze What do you see that makes you say that?
3. Reflect

1. Identify and Describe a passage in the text
– include a specific quotation not just a summary
– include page number in MLA style : “….” (Author Book 123) or, Descartes, a line number

2. Analyze the significance of the text passage
– What does the quotation mean? What is the author or character trying to say? Don’t assume this is clear to the reader. Imagine that your reader needs to hear a clear paraphrase.
– Consider how is the passage situated in the text: i.e. What does it logically follow or precede?
– If the author or character is making an argument, how does the argument work? What are the premises and the conclusion? Is the argument valid and sound?

3. Reflect on the meaning of the passage
– What is at issue in the passage? What are the major themes, import terms?
– How is the passage related to others by this author or other authors?
– What larger issues does the passage lead you to wonder about?
– What does the passage mean in your life, in the world?

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