How do the three major sold-modern populist authoritarianisms that we discussed in class compare to one another?

Each prompt about half a page answer please. Also Write the question then the answer.
Prompt 1: Anne McClintock uses the example of Pears Soap to demonstrate social dynamics that rose to prominence in the Age of Empire and remain with us today. How does imperial advertising during the nineteenth century demonstrate the co-constitutive nature of our concepts of race, gender, and class? In what way is soap related to white supremacy, patriarchy, and class hierarchy?
Prompt 2: The 1930s saw a rise of different forms of authoritarian governments, which are often lumped together. How do each of them define their struggle? Who do they mobilize? Who do they view as their enemy? How did they rise and how did they fall?
Communism/ Stalism/ Facism and Nazism
World war 2
Stalin pass and party turned against him
Communism talk about the fairlu
Prompt 3: Since the Enlightenment and the French Revolution, the way that power is exercised in society has changed in profound ways, from old-world monarchies to the diffuse power of the twenty-first century. Compare the three power-systems we discussed in class, contrasting the ways in which they exercise power, by whom, and upon whom. Use example and metaphors where helpful.
Prompt 4: In the beginning of the 21st century, many in the Global North believed that humanity had reached the End of History, and that the world would continue to improve along predictable teleological lines. In what ways did the 11 September 2001 attacks demonstrate the miscalculation in this thinking? What were the long-term changes unleashed by those attacks?

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