Does Salt when added to an organic food, change the food to non-organic

Writing/Drafting Format for Assignments: IRAC
In this course, to receive maximum scores students must always use the IRAC methodology for assignment questions, as well as writing your mid-termandfinalpapers.IRAC standsforIssue,Rule,Analysis,andConclusionandiscommonlyusedforlegalanalysisandmemos.In short, when submitting work for this course, students shall always include these four key components:
1) An introduction that clearly states the Issue or question.

2) Identify the Rule or supporting reference material that is used to answer the question.
IE; Organic labeling and rules are subject to the USDA Organic Labeling Standards. The USDA Labeling Standards specifically exclude Salt and Water, which are considered natural, from being required for 100% Organic, Organic, or Made with Organic labels. (
3) Your own personal/original Analysis (with citation if required) of the scenario or situation. IE; Salt has been used a preservative for years. (citation), etc. etc. etc…
4) A Conclusion that wraps it all together and summarizes everything for your reader.
IE; Both salt and water are considered natural ingredients in food by the USDA and are considered organic because of their natural definition in the USDA standards. For the present time they do not change food to non-organic within the definition of the law.Assignment Questions
Question 1.
James Johnson is a sole practitioner. His office is about an hours drive from the federal district court at which he files many lawsuits. He used to talk on his cell phone to clients as he travelled the two hours to and from the courthouse. He would bill the client on whose behalf he was going to the courthouse for two hours and the clients with whom he talked on the phone for increments of the same two hours. When the American Bar Association issued its rule prohibiting double billing, he was concerned that the rule would drive him out of business due to the drop in income. Is what Johnson is doing ethical? Why or why not?Question 2.
Norma Sollers works as a paralegal for a small law firm. She is a trusted, experienced employee who has worked for the firm for twelve years. One morning, Linda Lowenstein, one of the attorneys, calls from her home and asks Norma to sign Lindas name to a document that must be filed with the court that day. Norma had just prepared the final draft of the document and had placed it on Lindas desk for her review and signature. Linda explains to Norma that because her child is sick, she does not want to leave home to come into the office. Norma knows that she should not sign Lindas nameonly the clients attorney can sign the document. She mentions this to Linda, but Linda says, Dont worry. No one will ever know that you signed it instead of me. How should Norma handle this situation?

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