Historical significance
UAE issues speech, about Thalassemia disease as a result of marriage of relatives.

Here are the standard criteria for significance:
1. Profundity: How were people affected by the event?
2. Quantity: How many people were affected by the event?
3. Durability: How long lasting were the changes?
4. Revealing: How does this event help us understand the past?
5. Resonance or relevance: how does this event shed light on issues or problems that concern us now?
Could you please cover all the points? Maybe the first question it is difficult to apply to this topic so after you write could you please keep head lines

In history memory I chose Jabal Hafit in UAE (In Al Ain)
Could you please answer these questions to be to speech clear?

1. How history provides stuff for commemoration
2. What is symbolized by commemoration
3. Who produces commemoration symbolism
4. What makes commemoration symbolism accepted—or rejected
5. How collective memory reflects & shapes reality

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