breast cancer

Argument Essay
Subject English
-Ideas and Content:Provides the necessary background information, hook, thesis.
-Body paragraphs:Each provide topic, research, commentary, conclusion sentence with internal citations.
-Counterargument:provides topic, research, commentary, unbiased.
-Rebuttal: provides topic, research, commentary, argues against counterargument.
-Conclusion: Thesis, summary of argument, refer to hook.
-Organization: MLA format, Internal Citations, Works Cited page.
-Conventions: punctuation, spelling and grammar.
-Word Choice: essay is free of sentence fragments and run-ons,
-Word Choice: use of active verbs.
-Sentence Fluency: Variety of sentences.
-Voice:Clear writer audience throughout the essay.
My essay has to be a persuasive argument, I need to used Toulmin Analysis essay. I have my Thesis In most cases, early breast cancer detection can be increased through early testing, early diagnosis and high levels of doctors. information.

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