Gregory mantsios- Class in America

In Gregory Mantsios’ essay “Class in America—2006” he presents the idea that several myths exist in our
society today in regards to the idea of class. Specifically focusing on the idea that “Everyone has an equal
chance to succeed. Success in the United States requires no more than hard work, sacrifice, and
perseverance” write an essay in which you explicate the idea of opportunity in America. Use Mantsios’
essay, one additional essay from this section of our textbook, and two additional sources as supporting
evidence for your claim. Through critical thinking, explain the significance of this issue in America today.

Your essay should begin with an introduction that contains a clearly defined, purpose driven, and arguable
thesis. The introduction should clearly identify any supporting main ideas that will support the thesis. Body
paragraphs should contain minor claims (topic sentences) that advance controlling ideas and that support the
thesis. All ideas should be supported with evidence. Your paper must cite examples from the stated texts in the
prompt and from your outside sources*. Each example must be supported with critical thinking that explains
the significance of the chosen quotation/citation as is relates to your ideas. In your conclusion make a final
statement that clearly identifies why what has been shown in your essay is important.

*additional sources must come only from the following: an article located on EBSCOhost, an article in a
major newspaper or magazine, or a book.

Your paper must:
be a minimum of 4 full pages
be typed, double-spaced, using Times New Roman 12pt font
be formatted according to MLA
use MLA guidelines for in-text citations and Works Cited page
be written using strictly an academic, third-person point-of-view

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