Global Awareness

This paper is about a Volunteering service learning project (Our Mother of Sorrows).. I volunteered in this project by helping in cleaning inside the school.. I need a reflection paper about this experience and how this service effected me in a good way.. Also, it is VERY important that you use at LEAST THREE QUOTES OR EXAMPLES from the provided articles that are related to the service that I volunteered in.. Pleas TWO FULL PAGES of content.. Please explain in details how theses quotes or examples are related to the cleaning in (Our Mother of Sorrows) school.. Please when you write the quotes ore the examples, make sure to specify which article you used …
The articles:
1-( It is a Small World) ..’s%20A%20Flat%20World%20After%20All.pdf
2- (Population Sustainability)..
3- (The Coming Clash of Civilization) ..
4- (The Rise of The Rest)..
5- (The Grameen Bank).. The article is in the uploaded File.
6- (Can Extreme Poverty be Eliminated).. The article is in the uploaded File.

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