Architecture, Building and Planning

The final part of the paper will be an expansion of you previous papers. It should be 5-7 pages, double-spaced, 12-point font (no more than 3000 words). The goal of this paper is to analyze your building in relation to its architectural, cultural, social, political, environmental, and/or historical context. It will require you to reflect on your observations, conduct additional research, and make meaningful connections. The point of this paper is to place your building in the broader context of the history of architecture and this course. It should not just be a summary of the previous parts of the paper. Rather those papers are a starting point for you to think more deeply about the implications your building has on the type of material we discuss in this class. This is also your chance to explore what really interests you about the building you have chosen.
Your paper must have a clear thesis statement that puts forth an original argument. You are not just summarizing what has been discussed in class but synthesizing your research and crafting a well-defined argument that will be supported by examples in the body text. The thesis statement should dictate what the rest of your paper will focus on. Your paper should also be well organized with a logical progression from the introduction with a clear thesis statement in the first paragraph all the way to the conclusion.
Additionally, this paper should have footnotes where needed and a full bibliography of all the sources you consulted during your research. In regards to this, you are encouraged to use as many sources as possible for this paper in addition to the three examined for the annotated bibliography. This paper should demonstrate a substantial level of research. It should also be illustrated with relevant images. Please see the “Notes on Written Assignments” handouts for other information

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