This assignment has TWO PARTS. Make sure to include responses to BOTH parts in one document (assignments that only include a response to one of the prompts below will only receive half credit for this assignment). Feel free to include pictures of the examples you find. I always like pictures 🙂

Part 1: Gender Polarization

As an illustration of gender polarization, go online (or go to a store), and find an example of a product that is ‘pointlessly gendered’ (in other words, a product that is marketed differently to men and women (or boys and girls), even though it is exactly the same product–as an example, I was in Lowe’s a few months ago and saw a pink hammer being marketed to women. It was right next to an identical hammer that was black (of course, the pink hammer cost more 🙂

PLEASE NOTE: Do NOT simply google the term ‘pointlessly gendered products’ and use one of the examples associated with this search term.. I have seen them all and will know that’s where it came from! Please find your own example by going out into the world and paying attention to the way that the differences between genders is accentuated. It won’t be difficult. Examples are everywhere!

Write a brief (~1 paragraph) response describing the product, the way it is being marketed, and how this type of marketing relates to the idea of gender polarization (what does the way the gendered products are marketed tell us about what is expected of males and females in our society?).

Part 2: Commercialization of Gender Ideals

Go online (or go to a store) and find an example of a product that illustrates the commercialization of gender ideals.

In a brief response (~1 paragraph), describe the product (what is it called? What it is designed to do? Which gender is it designed for?) and the gender ideal it is designed to help its users achieve.

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