Assume you are the Manager of your own business. For example – Sara’s Corporation, Al-Bandary’s Organization or Mona and Kholoud’s Establishment. Think of an original name for your business. Write a paper (Business Plan) that presents your organization to Samba Bank. You would like to borrow 1 million SAR from Samba Bank to expand your business.

On your business plan to the executives at Samba bank, you will prepare a typewritten document about 5 -7 pages long and a separate PowerPoint presentation with about 5 slides:

1. Draw a chart with your company’s current organizational structure, showing the different departments and the different positions.

2. Describe each position, their main responsibilities, job description, and the number of current employees.

3. Describe the type of business: what is being manufactured, produced or sold by your company.

4. Describe your management leadership style.

5. Suppose that the organizational structure of the organization will change drastically. Show Samba Bank what your new organization would look like, and exactly how you plan on using the 1 million SAR.

Be prepared to present your PowerPoint presentation to the class. The class will represent Samba Bank’s executives. Your presentation should be 3 minutes long, and convincing, and your papers should be well-written with cover page, and References in correct APA format and style.
Please make sure that it’s something in Saudi arabia not outside it .

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