Film & Theater studies

6 Pages Plus one page for Citation
I want the same writer who wrote my last essay because he or she might know more about the subject
which is the movie World War Z.. SO I want to write an analzies But this time I want to analyze the charter in the movie ( Brad Pit) what he thinks about those zombies and is it their fault that they are monsters? or who’s fault is it? . is it the maker of the virus who made them become zombies? There were normal people just like us once.

You are a literary detective. You will come up with a thesis or theory about a work of literature or a film. Next, you will comb through the text for clues or evidence to support your theory or thesis. Write down all clues and keep track of scene descriptions or page numbers. A good literary interpretation is one that is supported by the text. A bad literary interpretation is one that is not supported by the text.


You are constructing a logical, persuasive argument in which you “prove” that your theory is viable. Please do not give a summary of the work. This is not a book report. Engage in critical thinking by employing one of the literary approaches that we have studied this semester – psychoanalytic, structuralism, feminist, archetypal, formalist, etc.

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