Expository Essay Covering a Poem(s) + Reseach

This essay is for Eng 102. Teacher is very particular about her essays, so please follow all the instructions on the attached documents as well as those that I will indicate. Teacher likes details. In addition, English is my second language and I am not a very wordy person, therefore, use SIMPLE terms and words while you write.
Please read carefully teacher s request for this essay! (Attached picture document)
It’s a must to write 3 FULL pages, not 2.5
This essay is an Expository Essay Covering Poems on Wislawa Szymborska. Main Poem “End and Beginning”, secondary supportive poem is “On Death, without Exaggeration” which won a Nobel Prize in 1996. “End and Beginning” is the main poem because it is in our textbook, and I have found secondary poem similarly sad that has to do something with death, World War II and corpses.

Here is some more information what I have written for previous assignment about “end and Beginning” poem, that way we will have the same opinion:

Theme: Wislawa Szymborska tries to send a message to new generation about war and repercussion after it. She shows how hard it is to clean up after war, and even poem’s title indicates, war is over but there is different begging to a another stage like cleaning up corpses, rebuilding houses, bridges, and rail roads. Last stanza is an extended metaphor that shows how grass covered dead bodies; corpses are looking in the sky. However, we, new generation, do not even know what happened on the land that we are walking on. Therefore, Szymborska sends a strong message to remember wars, remember negativity and hard work it brought for past generation, and honor their memory.

Tone: The tone of the poem “End and Beginning” is a bit dark and sad because of the setting and the situation, which is in an area after a war and the people there are filled with despair and sadness.

Essay must have Minimum 4 direct Quotes, preferably more (2 from the main poem, 1 secondary poem and 1 from additional sources that I have provided!)
There are 2 sources provided and they must be included in essay, second opinion is very important. Also, do not use any other sources other than provided. You can pick one source only, please read both to determine which one might work better.
If you would like to refer to any additional Szymborska’s poems, please use Only this website www.nobelprize.org
When providing quotes, use pages from WORD DOCUMENT indicated, not from anywhere else.
First person, I, can not be used.
Do not double space cited source information in the end of essay.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me through e-mail directly. In addition, if there are any posts or any updated about this essay, shoot me an e-mail because I do not check this website as often without e-mail notifications. Thank you a lot,

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