Environmental studies and Forestry

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The Quest for Environmental Justice 2005: Human Rights and the Politics of Pollution by Robert D. Bullard

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Write outline for below 4 questions and indicate how you would develop the issues and themes necessary to write a comprehensive essay.
Do not need to save space for name, date on top and etc, go straightly indicate question number and second line beginning first sentence of introduction (each question has introduction at the beginning and 5 sentences each introduction)
Do not skip space for each line
Full 1.5 page for each question and total 6 pages
American English write style
Question 1: In relation to chapter 1 & 2, define 4 to 5 key concepts in relation to environmental justice in the 21st century and the negative impacts on neighborhoods zoned for regressive uses.
Question 2: In chapter 4 & 6, what are 4 to 5 influential themes related to toxic pollution which were identified in the analysis of the environmental justice movement
Question 3: In chapter 8 & 9, analyze the tensions in the Southwest between minorities and major companies involved in resource extraction and economic demands
Question 4: Identify the key factors leading to the development of environmental justice movements, once an important land use and / or environmental problem / contradiction is initially challenged

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